New Molonglo River Crossing

ACTEA has, for a couple of years, been in consultation with the ACT Government about a new western crossing of the Molonglo River, connecting the green spaces of the new suburbs of Whitlam and Denman. The Molonglo River Reserve Plan of Management indicates such a crossing but all efforts to find a safe ford have proved fruitless. A crossing will require construction of a bridge. This is probably years away. In the meantime, the government has offered use of the soon to be decommissioned Coppins Crossing causeway. A crossing at the causeway would link fire trails from the Arboretum on the northern bank of the Molonglo to those on the southern bank leading around Denman Prospect to Stromlo Forest Park.

The Development Application for the new John Gorton flyover bridge have been released.

The completion of the John Gorton Parkway will destroy most of the old Coppins Crossing Road but leave a locked section under the bridge as access points for Parks and Emergency Services staff. You can see all the many drawings for the new bridge at the link below.


However, here is a simple summary of the bridge plan and the potential links for horse riders.

ACTEA will be making a submission in regard to the  development application which closes on Wednesday 27 January. The submission mainly deals with access to the remnant of the old road and the construction of the part of it that is being slightly moved out of the way of the new bridge.

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