Horse Trail Impacted by Construction of Whitlam Electricity Substation

After some years of planning work has begun on a substation to service the new suburb of Whitlam. It will be constructed on the corner of William Hovell and Coulter Drives inside the fence line of a grazing lease. The construction of this facility will require major earthworks and the construction of an access road off Coulter Drive that will impinge on the existing equestrian bridle path.

From this week, fencing of the facility, establishment of a site office and the arrival of large machinery will make it an unsuitable place for even the most phlegmatic of horses. From now on workers will start arriving on site from 6:30 and work through until 5:00pm on weekdays. There will be no work on weekends unless weather delays force some Saturday work. It is anticipated that the works will take 6 months including construction and cable connections.

The works will involve the arrival of big trucks carrying building material and machinery which will have to use a narrow route between trees from Coulter Drive across the verge to the construction site. They will have to slow down to make a 90% turn off Coulter Drive but will probably be concentrating on not being rear ended by following traffic rather than looking out for horses.  Horse riders closer to the property fence line will be higher up than the roadway and will have a better ability to hear trucks coming and watch for their approach.

Workers on site will be advises to look out for horses when using this entrance road and the project managers will place signs to warn horses riders of the works ahead. This map of the work site shows the access route and the construction area (in red) and the existing equestrian trail (in yellow).

At the point when the final access road is being constructed it may be impossible to get a horse around the site, even on the weekend. Eventually, horse riders will be able to use the gravel access road as part of the equestrian trail.

The construction contractors, TRCivils, are being exceptionally consultative. If there are any issues during this construction process, please let us know and we will take them up with the company.


Christine Lawrence


ACT Equestrian Association

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