Richard Chapman’s Book of Distilled Knowledge

Richard Chapman has finally written the book. By way of a local treasure, he has helped hundreds of horse owners over the decades and it is all that experience is now distilled between the covers. Here is a message from Annabel Dobson, Convenor of the Equestrian Park Management Group.
Greetings All
I would like to pass on some information about a new book which I’m sure many of you will be really interested in. Dr Richard Chapman is a very well-known Canberra Veterinarian who has been caring for our animals (and on many occasions us owners) for over 57 years.
Richard has had a remarkable career. As well as running his own practice, he has given many years of support to major clubs and societies like the ACT Racing Club; Canberra Harness Racing Club; Queanbeyan Racing Club; ACT Endurance Riders, the Quilty Endurance Team; and the Canberra and Sydney Royal Show Societies.
After a lifetime of service (and constant requests from his dedicated followers), Richard has finally found time to write up the wonderful knowledge that he has learnt over a lifetime of caring for animals. In his book, ‘ Do I Call the Vet? And what to do in the meantime’, Richard explains when it is vital to have veterinary help. He also gives a wealth of information, tips, first aid techniques and reassurance. In fact, you may not have to call the vet at all – and that could save you a considerable amount of money and the animal a lot of pain and/or discomfort. As a reader you quickly understand from the outset that in this book Richard is sharing something really special.

“…. veterinary practice was very different from the way it is today……we had to hone our senses…..we used our eyes; we had to develop brains in our fingertips so we could ‘feel’ what was happening; we used our sense of smell and we learned to listen to our intuition and experience. With today’s technology and diagnostic tools… “these arts are now almost dead”. The book is written in the same chatty manner that Richard speaks to his clients and he gives simple, straight-forward explanations and advice without the jargon. It has been designed to be compact and durable so you can keep it in your car, tack shed or front of the float. Although the book largely covers issues related to horse care, Richard also knows that many of us horse owners also pay homage to our smaller four legged friends, so he has written a separate section on dogs and cats too.
The book retails for $25 and can be purchased directly from the Canberra Equestrian Centre by contacting ($29 posted). Or you can order a copy (in print or as an e-book) from Richards’s website I’m sure when you read the book you will love it as much as I do – it’s definitely one of a kind and long overdue.
Please forward this email on to all your ‘horsey’ friends – we’d really like to spread the word far and wide. At such a reasonable price I highly recommend it.
Kind Regards
Annabel Dobson
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