Heritage Listing of the Equestrian Park Cross Country Course

woolshedACTEA discovered by accident that the Equestrian Park Cross Country Course (the entire Block 1201) was included in the provisional listing of the Yarralaumla Woolshed and Outbuildings as ‘landscape setting’. You can read the Statement of Significance and other documents by clicking here.

Luckily ACTEA and the National Capital Horse Trials Association were able to lodge a short submission before the deadline and seek an extension to prepare a more fulsome objection. Attached  find:

The Heritage Council  is obliged to finalise this listing within 5 months so we should have a result in that time frame.

UPDATE: The Heritage Council received 117 submissions from concerned equestrians in relation to this listing.

Council members visited the cross country course at ACTEA’s invitation on 30 June.

As of 16 July the Council had not finalised its consultation report to Minister Mick Gentleman and it may be required to seek an extension of time to consider this listing.


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