ACTEA President’s April 2015 Report

This is a report on the ACTEA Committee on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with Stromlo Forest Park regarding the route of the Bicentennial National Trail from the Molonglo River
  • Equestrian Forum with government representatives
  • Majura Parkway Stakeholders Meeting
  • Attendance at new Eastern Broadacre community information event
  • Attendance at ACTSport seminar on the cost of managing sporting facilities in Canberra

  • On-going representations with Sport & Recreation Services over Equestrian Park licence.
  • Submission in regard to the latest Yarralumla Brickworks proposal
  • Conversations with RoadsACT regarding the timing of the pegasus lights at Streeton Drive
Field Trip
  • Tour of Equestrian Park with CEO of ACT Sport
  • Tour of reinstated alternative BNT route through North Weston Ponds with LDA representatives
  • Tour of Majura Pines with Parks & Conservation representative
  • Handover of historic maps & plans for the Cotter Plots to the ACT Archives
  • Discussions with Yarralumla Nursery about striking seedlings of the Torrey Pines in the Cotter Plots
  • Application for a works approval from h National Capital Authority to erect a new storage shed in the Cotter Plots.
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