ACTEA President’s July 2021 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates. 


  • Meeting with Geoff Bunnett SLA to talk about equestrian infrastructure in the ACT
  • Meeting with Jane Hedges and TA to discuss Duntroon and general paddocks issues
  • Meeting with BNT Co-ordinator re DA for duplication of Willian-Hovell Drive

Site Visit

  • Site visit to look at new proposed site for BPC on The Vines on Stockdill Drive


  • Several interactions with TCCS Duntroon Project Team in regard to their consultation with Duntroon agistees.
  • Questions to Arboretum about proposed upgrades to the Cork Oaks carpark and BNT route
  • Representations to Minister Steel about RSPCA move to Duntroon
  • Representations to TCCS about the planned design for the ‘upgraded’ BNT underpass on William-Hovell Drive
  • Objections to Parks about the way in which consultation re Best of Canberra TB has been conducted
  • Comments on designs for Stromlo District Playing Fields and impact on proposed alternative BNT route
  • Representations to Roads ACT re BNT/bike path intersection on Kuringa Drive
  • Representations to ACTEWAGL re damage to Oakey Hill cavaletti and horse trail
  • Conversations with SFP booking officer about protocols for using equestrian trails in events
  • Representations to Parks and ACTEWAGL about damahe to the Oakey Hill cavaletti and near by excavations.

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