ACTEA President’s May-June 2021 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • With SFP re proposed changes to National Trail route and Access to West Stromlo
  • Meeting with Sport & Recreation re the Equestrian Park Licence renewal
  • Meeting with Ginninderry to discuss Belconnen Pony Club move
  • Meeting with Rural Services about Government Horse Paddock issues
  • Meeting with Sport & Recreation and consultants about proposed playing fields in east SFP
  • Meeting with Duntroon agistees and Transport Canberra and Territory Agistment about resumption of part of paddocks for RSPCA

Field Trip

  • Inspection with Parks & Conservation of proposed equestrian trail route through Whitlam bushfire Abatement Zone


  • Attendance at Sport & Recreation Morning Tea
  • Several representations to TCCS in relation to the proposed move of the RSPCA to Duntroon paddocks and the process followed by the government
  • Request for information about planning for a cycle path link from Coombs across N-W Ponds on the BNT
  • Fix-My-Street request for repairs to equestrian signage at Arboretum underpass
  • Exchange with parks & Conservation about Final Report on Best of Canberra Mountain Biking and total lack of consultation


  • Short submission re Southern Cemetery development at Rose Cottage
  • Submission to the ACT Government budget process requesting continued funding for the improvement and replacement of government horse paddocks


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