ACTEA President’s November 2022 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


Field Trip

  • Site visit at Majura with High Ropes Project manager
  • On-site meeting at Cork Oaks in the Arboretum to discuss ongoing issues with the BNT route
  • On site meeting with TCCS regarding issues with BNT at Northern exit
  • On site meeting at Strathnairn to walk proposed BNT link around Arts Centre
  • Site visit with TA, Rural Services, TCCS and consultants at Rose Cottage horse paddocks to discuss activities area and access
  • Meeting on Cotter Road to discuss issues with cycle path upgrade 


  • Meeting with S&R re future funding of Equestrian Park
  • Meeting of Equestrian Forum to discuss trail and paddock issues 


  • Conversations with with TCCS about the northern exit of the BNT from SFP.
  • Conversation with NCA staff about Majura High Ropes project
  • Ongoing discussions about BNT route through Cork Oaks carpark
  • Request to Ginninderry Project to consider BNT access across development site
  • Conversation with Roads ACT re Curtin paddocks difficulties getting across Yarralumla Creek
  • Communication from CRCPC re potential rezoning of their grounds
  • Attendance at Weston Creek Community Council to hear government reps talk about the ACT area planning strategies and the Western Edge Study


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