ACTEA President’s October 2020 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.

Field Trip

  • Inspection of next stage of route of BNT around Ginninderry

  • Walk along Molonglo River Reserve with BNT Coordinator and Suburban Land Agency to inspect proposed equestrian route


  • ACTEA canvass of major parties prior to the election in regard to their views on significant equestrian issues

  • Circulation of Party responses to affiliates

  • Further representation to Stromlo Forest Park about new coaching trails near Bluegums

  • BNT Coordinator liaison with Parks North about the state of the BNT access at Kuringa Drive near Hall

  • Discussions with ACT Property Group about the Yarralumla Woolshed heritage listing and Conservation Management Plan

  • Invitation from City Services to comment on Parkrun application to resume activities especially at North Weston Ponds

  • Response to correspondence from national Parkrun coordinator

  • Interviews with the Canberra Times and ABC 666 Drive re the deferral of the Coombs Parkrun annual permit.

  • Conversation with the head of City Presentation about Coombs Parkrun permit and options for moving forward

  • Representation to Guilia Jones, Marisa Pederson and Chris Steel asking for equal time after Parkrunners lobbied local members

  • Conversation with Balloons Aloft about hot air balloons flying over Illoura Horse Paddocks


  • Communications with the ACT Endurance Riders Association and the Uriarra Village equestrian community about a response to the Draft Mountain Bike Report

  • Submission in regard to the Draft Mountain Bike Report lodged


  • Contribution to Canberra Times and RiotACT articles on Paterson’s Curse

  • Distributed NCA’s report on the outcome of the North Curtin Paddocks resumption as provided by Sally Barnes

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