ACTEA President’s October 2021 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates. 


  • On-line meeting of Stromlo Forest Park Stakeholders Group to talk about the new carpark
  • On-line meeting organised by Sport & Rec re latest Covid arrangements for return to competition 


  • Conversations with Darren Rope of SFP about proposed equestrian trails at Stromlo, particularly West Stromlo.
  • Conversation with SFP booking officer about new signage at SFP
  • Response to Arboretum about bad equestrian behaviour
  • Discussion with Cook Paddocks agistees about riding route around William Hovell& Coulter Drives irt to new electricity substation
  • Conversation with Parks & Conservation about funding for the Best of Canberra Bike Trails in the budget
  • Conversation with ACTERA re their use of trails in West Stromlo
  • Communication with David Smith’s Office (Federal member for Bean) re LDK development
  • Conversation with Development Manager of LDK about equestrian community concerns 


  • Submission in regard to works around the new Whitlam electricity substation William Hovell& Coulter Drives
  • Completion of Survey around Sport and Recreation Operational Grants Program

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