ACTEA President’s Report June 2015

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with new web site manager Lance Williamson of Gaffer Designs
  • Meeting with Stromlo Forest Park management about trail signage in West Stromlo
  • Meeting with Arboretum about equestrian trails
  • Meeting with ACT Heritage Council at Equestrian Park re heritage listing of cross-country course
  • Attendance at Majura Parkway meeting
  • Meeting with Riverview about West Belconnen development and effect on BNT


  • Consultation with LDA about implementation of Golden Sun Moth Offset Management Plan at Equestrian Park
  • Letter re provision of underpass and trails in Throsby and Kenny
  • Discussion with TAMS media about accuracy of their Arboretum horse yard press release
  • Letter to RoadsACT about lack of action on signage at underpasses
  • Numerous discussions with Arboretum landscaper re design of horseyards in Arboretum


  • Equestrians organised for photo at Arboretum horse yards
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