ACTEA President’s Report September 2021

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates. 


  • Participation in Sport & Recreation webinars
  • Participation in Stromlo Forest Park Stakeholder on line meeting 

Site Visit

  • On site meeting with staff & contractors and BNT at Arboretum to discuss changes to Cork Oak cavaletti entrance and sealing of Cork Oak and River Roads.


  • Representations to James Milligan Opposition Spoke on Sport re Duntroon Horse Paddocks
  • Conversations with RoadsACT consultant re widening of Cotter Road near SFP to allow for bike lanes
  • Agreed undertakings from Arboretum about changes to Cork Oak access as a result of road works
  • Distribution of communications from ACT Sport & recreation re Covid rules
  • Exchanges with SFP operations manager about various works proposed at the facility
  • Request to TCCS about progress report on Duntroon Paddocks site investigation and feasibility study
  • Representations to SFP CEO re decision making processes at Stromlo
  • Response to Mr Steel’s earlier email regarding Duntroon Paddocks
  • Letter to ACT Senator David Smith re LDK development next to Equestrian Park
  • Provision of information to Parks and Conservation re their submission on the William Hovell duplication
  • Discussion with Sport & Recreation re the aged care facility development next to Equestrian Park
  • First exchange with Sport & Recreation about proposed Gungahlin District Tennis Facility in Amaroo next to BNT
  • Copy of ACTEA submission re LDK Works Application for approval for aged care facility by NCA sent to Ian Bushnell @ the RiotACT 


  • Submission on the duplication of William Hovell Drive and it impact on the BNT underpass
  • Submission to NCA re LDK Works Application for approval for aged care facility

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