Attending Horses During Lockdown Update

ACTEA has been in communication with the Minister for Health today following the ACT Government’s meeting with the NSW Cross -border Commission and have the following update.

We understand that the NSW Cross-Border Commissioner has confirmed that care of animals is a “reasonable excuse” for being out of home in NSW. ACT public health restrictions allow ACT residents and NSW border residents to cross the border in either direction for animal welfare purposes, including feeding and exercising horses.

 Animal owners should, as much as possible, make local arrangements for the care of their animals in the event that they are required to isolate and can’t travel.

 If you are visiting a horse in NSW always wear a mask, always follow social distancing requirements, and avoid any contact with others and whilst travelling, taking the most practicable route and only stop for essential purposes. If you have any symptoms, do not travel.

 You should be able to identify the property you are travelling to in NSW or the Post Code you are travelling from in the border region of NSW into the ACT including your residential address in the event that you are stopped by the police. The border region is defined as postcodes 2581, 2582, 2584, 2611, 2618, 2619, 2620, 2621, 2623 and 2626.

ACTEA would like to hear about any problems you have with this arrangement at


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