Bicycle Event on Saturday 10 April

The Heritage Polaris will take place on 10 April 2021. For more information on the event go to Heritage Polaris – Heritage Polaris and there is a Facebook page at

The event involves teams of two cyclists (some using e-bikes) visiting as many of 40 checkpoints (CPs) as they choose in any order and by any route. The Event Centre will be Telopea Park School and the CP’s radiate out from there so there are more CP’s around the lake and inner suburbs gradually lessening the further away. Probable equestrian areas that will be accessed on the day:

  • Majura Pines. There will be two CP’s on the single tracks within the pines. Access to the pines will either be from the Majura Parkway cycle path (we have CP’s at Pialligo and the airport precinct so some riders will come up the parkway from there) or the ‘blue metal’ access road from McKenzie Street in Hackett

  • Bicentennial National Trail Higgins. There are two interpretive signs for the ‘Old Weetangera Road’ between William Hovel Drive and Davidson Street Higgins each of which will have a CP control marker. In addition to this we will encourage riders to access this area using the underpass off Mainoru Place Hawker.

  • Arboretum underpass at Zoo Pines.The CP will be on the Arboretum side further up the trail so people don’t congregate in or near the underpass. The course notes will ask participants not to use the equestrian only trail through the Zoo Pines. They will be using the low level river crossing.

  • Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve. There will be a CP at the water tank at the back of Chapman (Guinness Place). Easiest access for participants will be through the back of Chapman (Guinness Place) or the Centenary trail on the northern side of Cooleman Ridge reserve. Not the BNT

Generally cyclists will be asked to travel slowly on designated equestrian trails and around horses and warn of their approach using their voice rather than a bell; also respect standard horse signs on fire trails and at underpasses.

All participants will have ‘bibs’ attached to the front of their bikes for identification purposes if necessary.

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