Cabling Works on Coulter Drive

As yet another bit of the electrification of Whitlam Evoenergy will begin installing an underground feeder along Coulter Drive between Springvale and William Hovell Drives commencing in the week prior to Easter, if not, just after, pending weather conditions and final approvals.

About 0.6k of the works will be between the cavaletti south of the Springvale Drive junction and the underpass on the National Trail.

The cabling will be feed underground between two pits rather than via a trench, avoiding all the post construction compaction issues that can cause. The whole project will take 6-8 weeks.

Evoenergy have undertaken to  

  • Ensure the route remains open as much as possible
  • Avoid working on Saturday and definitely not on Sunday
  • Park machinery away from the trail as much as possible
  • Install temporary fencing on site instead of flagging to avoid impacts on horses.  
  • Ensure the backfill over the two proposed pits is well compacted against slump so as not to be a future hazard for horses

Evoenergy are being very cooperative. If you have any issues please let ACTEA know.

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