Changes to Logging Times near Arboretum

Please note that about 5 log trucks a day could now be using River Road at any time of day, except for Sundays when there will be no harvesting or transport of logs from site.

When the harvesting job stated on 17 August log trucks driver’s had agreed to operate only between the hours of 4am and 8am. This was very restrictive on the viability of these small businesses and they asked for a  review of the time restriction.

The harvesting is on schedule and the operators estimate a further 3 to 4 weeks to complete the job. The section behind the zoo is complete and there will be no harvesting machinery or log trucks using the Tuggeranong underpass or the section of the Bicentennial Trail between that underpass and River Road. Ideally all the works will be completed by Sunday 4th October when daylight saving time starts, if not it should be shortly afterwards.

On the map below, the thick green line is the National Bicentennial Trail and the thick red line is the log truck route. A short length of road where the log trucks are sharing the Bicentennial Tail route is circled.  This is an open area with plenty of visibility, slow speeds, a locked gate and room off the road for pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists to give logging vehicles a wide berth. Logging vehicles are not using forestry roads other than those marked on this map in red. logging mapin red


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