Endurance Ride at Kowan Forest

After two very frustrating years the National Capital Endurance Ride, which was to have been held at “Brookvale” on 15-16 October 2022, will now be held at Kowen Forest on 22-23 October. This event, which is run by the ACTEA affiliate, ACT Endurance Riders Association Inc (ACTERA), will comprise an 80km endurance ride plus rides of 40, 22 and 13km and a 53km (40+13km) elevator. All except the 80km ride are open to riders who take out day membership of the NSW Endurance Riders Association, if they are not already members: this can be done as part of the entry process. Ride information is available on the swish new ACTERA website (https://actera.org.au)  and the ACTERA Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/people/ACT-Endurance-Riders-Association/100063732932362/). Inquiries to the ride secretary Cathy Banwell (cathy.banwell@anu.edu.au) or to ACTEndurance@outlook.com.”


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