First Bushfire Notification

Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) has finalised its Horse Relocation Centre Operational Plan in conjunction with ACT Emergency Services. There is some changes for the 2020-21 Bushfire Season which has been declared as 1 November 2020 until 31 March 2021. EPIC will be a Horse Relocation Centre for this period.

Please note that EPIC ( will be activated as a ‘declared’ relocation centre if an area has been issued an Emergency Warning or Catastrophic fire danger rating. EPIC will be a ‘voluntary’ relocation centre if an area has been issued with a Watch and Act and/or Severe fire danger rating.

The Emergency Services Agency (ESA) or the Rural Fire Service (RFS) will advise EPIC when they can operate as either a ‘declared’ or ‘voluntary’ relocation centre. The ESA will also publish EPIC availability on its website at and will notify the community through its social media channels. The ACT Equestrian Association will also publish information on its website and notify horse owners through its mailing lists.

During a voluntary relocation, all animals arriving at EPIC will be charged $10 per stable per horse per night.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on relocation arrangements, when entering EPIC, you will need to complete a declaration form that includes info about your and your horse’s health and emergency contacts. This year your relocation kit will need to include the ubiquitous hand sanitisers and gloves!

Although most large events usually held at EPIC over summer have been cancelled there may be times when it is unavailable for horse relocation in which case the ESA will advise alternative options.

Anyone attending the EPIC Relocation Centre either voluntarily or part of a formal relocation must:

  • Must be self sufficient
  • Must supply water/feed buckets and bedding,
  • Must have enough feed for 24 hours
  • Have any medication needed
  • Must not leave animal unattended.
  • Must supply own Hand sanitiser, face mask and gloves

Queanbeyan Showground will also be available for relocation. People should register on arrival by texting the Manager, Lorrae Stokes, on 0428 243 630 giving their name and the number of horses they have. The grounds are generally locked after hours so to gain access ring Council’s 1300 735 025 for someone to come to unlock. During the day you can use the Cooma Road entrance but use the entrance off Glebe Street after hours so as not to interrupt any traffic while waiting for someone to unlock. There are only about 12 yards so horses might need to be tethered to floats or in portable yards. The yards do not have water troughs so bring tubs for water.

There will be no charge if people are activating their bushfire plan.

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