New Stromlo Forest Park Booking System Could be Useful

Stromlo Forest Park has a new event booking system which, unlike the previous one will actually tell you something useful. It is very unusual for equestrians to book trails at Stromlo and as far as we are aware only the endurance riders do so for their events which leave from the Mt Stromlo Road float parking area.

However, everyone else has to book tracks and trails so equestrians can use the system to for information before they set off for SFP. Follow the following string:

  1. Stromlo Forest Park website  (
  2. Select Visit on the bar at the top of the screen
  3. Select the big box called Events and Closures. You will get a huge calendar
  4. Choose the week and day you want to ride at top left
  5. Click on any of the green booking notices which will give you a description of the bookings. All bookings for the running track, cycling circuit, MTB trails and fire trails are all in this space. You only need to check the MTB related ones.
  6. When you click on a booking you will get a pop-up white info box. Under the heading of My Venues it will tell you which trails are booked. You should close each box before you open a new one or the system will have a seizure. If it says Equestrian Trails, it means the orange signposted designated equestrian trails. Other fire trails are called shared fire trails. Bookings will not be taken for equestrian trails without consulting ACTEA. The MTB Coaching Trails near Bluegums are specifically identified when they are booked. There is a note in regard to these Coaching Trails:  Please be mindful that these trails cross equestrian and walking trails. Users must ride up the single track not the fire road and must not congregate at the trail head. 

ACTEA will be interested to hear if this helps with safely accessing SFP equestrian trails.

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