New Trails in Canberra Nature Reserve

Here is evidence that if you hang in there long enough stuff will happen.  Waaay back in 2010, in its comments on the revised Canberra Nature park Plan of Management,  the ACTEA Committee sought access to additional management tracks in nature reserves.  As a result, the new Plan of Management [] says Parks would look at additional access for horses. While there is no mention of specific new access for horses the Plan does commit to considering additional equestrian trails in the Reserve system and spells out its criteria for creating them. 

– reserve zoning
– avoiding areas that have important values: for example, sensitive wildlife habitat, or significant species
-physical constraints such as grade, surfacing and drainage

-trail design—which should focus on side-hill trail alignments with limited grades and frequent grade reversals to minimise soil erosion, muddiness and tread widening
-connections with the existing horse trail network 

-avoiding conflict with other reserve users
-horse and rider safety.

ACTEA’s initial aim would be to get some loop rides in reserves which currently have one legal horse trail in and out to improve rider enjoyment.

Since 2010 we have already negotiated new horse access to McQuoids Hill and Lynham Eucalypt Forest. Rangers have also unlocked gates into Wanniassa Hills for horse riders.

Some early suggestions for additional trails were:

  1. Farrer Ridge 
  2. The Pinnacle 
  3. Cooleman Ridge 
  4. Urambi Hills 
  5. Ainslie/Majura

Please talk to riders you know will travel in reserves and let us know what people would like best.









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