This year the two annual ACTEA Awards:

Encouragement Award To Young Horseperson Of The Year

Outstanding Service Award

will be based on community nominations via Survey Monkey.

This is your opportunity to thank and reward those who contribute to horse sport in the ACT. The awards will be made at the ACTEA Annual General Meeting. Nominations can be made by anyone but the winners will be assessed against the indicated criteria by the ACTEA Committee and, in the case of the Young Horseperson, endorsement of their club. Previous winners are listed at

Encouragement Award To Young Horseperson Of The Year

Nominees must be financial members of the nominating affiliate and be under 26 years of age on 31 December 2015. The winner will have participated in equestrian activity, particularly competition in 2015; shown sportsmanship in competition and club events and contributed to equestrian organisations in the ACT and surrounding region. A substantial prize is awarded to the winner. Make your nomination to:

Outstanding Service Award

The winner will be assessed on acts of outstanding service to equestrian pursuits in the ACT and surrounding region. Service, expected to have been over a number of years, may have been to one club or many. Nominees do not need to be financial members of a club or association but may be members of the community who have given their time freely to support equestrian sport. Make your nomination to:

Nominations close on 16 March.

Let us hear about the great horse people in Canberra

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