Trail Management on Isaacs Ridge

TAMS are inviting members of the community to have their say on the development of a trail management plan for recreational use at Isaacs Ridge pines. The plan will also consider the broader context of the recreation trail network in the Isaacs Ridge nature reserve. Feedback from the community will help ensure the trail management plan meets the needs of all recreation users of the pines, while providing purpose built formal mountain bike trails within the urban landscape and protecting the natural conservation values found in the Isaacs Ridge nature reserve. Many people ride their horses on Isaacs Ridge and it is important that you register your interest.

You can provide feedback by:

The Isaacs Ridge trail network project will also seek to establish a working group, who will help maintain the integrity of the Isaacs Ridge recreational area through volunteer activities – similar to the role played by ACT Park Care groups.

For more information visit or call Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

ACTEA is being consulted directly in regard to this project so it would be very helpful if you also let us know about your use of the Ridge and any issues you have with other users at


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