William Hovell Duplication DA Now Open

Back in April  ACTEA and the National Trail Coordinator  reported that despite puting a lot of effort into the government consultation process relating to the duplication of  William Hovell Drive from Drake Brockman Drive to Coppins Crossing Road we had a very poor outcome. The duplication mostly impacts the National Trail link from Drake Brockman through an underpass to Hawker and on to Cook paddocks and should have provided an opportunity to make an additional link from The Pinnacles nature reserve through to Karma Reserve.

This consultation process is now finished and you can access the What We Heard Report on the Your Say website at https://hdp-au-prod-app-act-yoursay-files.s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/1316/4757/0480/William_Hovell_Drive_upgrade_-_WWH_report.pdf

We do not believe the Report accurately reflects the seriousness of our concerns about decisions concerning the routing of a new bike path.

The final  Development Application is now open for comment until Monday 1 August 2022. 

The DA application docs can be found at


ACTEA has prepared two summary documents to assist in making a submission in regard to this Development Application.

The WH Drive DA Summary has extracted all references in the 30+ DA documents to the Lands End Underpass near Hawker and the stock underpass from The Pinnacle Nature Reserve to Karma Reserve into one document.

The Commentary on The Development Application  compares the drawings for the two underpasses as they appear in the initial consultation document and the final DA document and comments on the government’s responses to ACTEA concerns.

ACTEA have spoken with Parks & Conservation about our concerns and will be making yet another submission in regard to the access and safety issues at the two underpasses.



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