Bushfire Relocation Options

This coming Saturday is predicted to be a challenge. The ACT is luckily starting with a fire free slate but that could change at any time. Horse owners should be vigilant. Look to your horse’s bushfire plan. If they are staying put make sure they start the day wearing nothing flammable. There is lots of information on the ACTEA website at http://www.actea.asn.au/will-your-horse-stay-or-go

Keep up to date on https://esa.act.gov.au or the https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fires-near-me app. You need a Plan B as fires don’t care about your Plan A. If you decide to relocate give yourself plenty of time.

Please remember that EPIC is not available until 10 January. Queanbeyan Showground is available now.

If there is a fire in our south Hall Showground will become available. Equestrian Park will be a safe relocation site only if the fire is in our north; the Molonglo River is a wick and there is only one way in and out.

Further afield the following Showgrounds are open as official self-care Large Animal Facilities. You do not have to call prior, you can just show up at


In addition Bungendore and Yass showgrounds are available.

Remember anyone relocating will need to ensure that –
· Owners are self sufficient
· Owners must supply water/feed buckets and bedding,
· Must have enough feed for 24 hours
· Have any medication needed
· Horses must not be left unattended.

Good information about local fires and relocation options and help to get there is available on the ACT and Surrounds Equine Fire Rescue Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2186584474901589/?ref=direct

Stay calm, stay cool and stay safe.  If you decide to leave make sure you let people know you have gone and where you are going.


Christine Lawrence


ACT Equestrian Association

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