ACTEA Committee 2019-2020

On 13 June, the ACTEA AGM elected a new Committee for the coming year. The new ACTEA Committee is

President:  Christine Lawrence

Vice-President:  Cathy Banwell

Secretary:  vacant

Minute Secretary:  Keryn Kefous

Treasurer:  Jacqui Knobel

Public Officer:  Beth Stone

Members: Helen King, Lauren McIntosh, Natasha Webb

Contacts for Committee members are on the ACTEA Committee page.

ACTEA would like to thank Kerryn Wilde and Jennifer Magrison for their contribution over the last couple of years and welcome Helen and Natasha.

Unfortunately we have lost Beth Stone after 30 years of contribution to the equestrian community, although she has stayed on as our public officer. Understandably no-one was keen to try to fill Beth’s shoes on the night but we really need to have a Secretary and are happy to talk to anyone interested in giving the position a shot.


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