ACTEA President’s May-June 2019 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with Tait Network,landscape planners, re BNT around Taylor
  • Meeting with public works re equestrian plans for old Coppins Crossing Bridge
  • Two meetings with Arboretum about impact of new walking & cycling trails on the BNT
  • Meeting with SLA & Riverview re progress with Belconnen PC move and BNT MOU


  • Attendance at Bush on the Boundary Molonglo Meeting
  • Attendance at Weston Creek Community Council re Heysen Street bike path
  • Attendance at Ministerial opening of Barrer Hill Reserve on Molonglo River
  • Ongoing discussions with City Presentation about issuing of permits for running events on the BNT in North Weston Ponds
  • Conversation with Environment & Sustainable Development officials re concerns about imminent loss of Curtin Horse Paddocks
  • To SLA about equestrian access around North Weston Ponds over next 12 months
  • Discussions with Arboretum about damage to part of STEP forest by horses
  • Request to Parks & Conservation about water and access issues on the BNT in Tuggeranong
  • Comments on impact of enclosed oval project at Stromlo Forest Park on equestrian access at Cotter Road
  • Comments on Animal Welfare Bill with Rachel Stephen Smith
  • Correspondence to Chris Steel re impact of southern cemetery on Rose Cottage paddocks

Site Visit

  • Meeting to discuss management of mountain bikes on equestrian trail in Molonglo River Reserve
  • On site meeting with Canberra Metro engineers about placement of mounting blocks at Flemington Road crossing
  • Meeting at Equestrian Park re relocation of gate at Cotter Road underpass
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