ACTEA President’s November 2017 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with Canberra Metro engineer re Pegasus Crossing at Randwick Road intersection with Flemington Road.
  • Equestrian Forum meeting with government agencies
  • Meeting with Project Managers for water quality projects at Equestrian Park, Dixon Drive and Fadden Pines.
  • Meeting re equestrian evacuation procedures and bush fire messaging for 2018 summer with EPIC and Emergency Services
  • Attendance at Weston Creek Community Council re water quality works near BNT on Dixon Drive
  • Meeting with Huon and Roads ACT about issues impacting on Equestrian Park
  • Recreation Users Group meeting
  • Health Grants program – information meeting

Site Visits

  • Meeting with Project Manager for Weston Creek Dog Park
  • Inspection of cavaletti design at Lyneham woodlot with Roads ACT


  • submission re Development Application for public housing near BNT route on corner of Darwinia Terrace and Kathner Street Chapman


  • Questions of clarification to Suburban Land Agency re the BNT route planned through the Molonglo
  • Letter to Shane Rattenbury about problem of mountain bikes and equestrians sharing diminishing public open space.
  • Exchanges with Forestry ACT about equestrian signage in the Zoo Pines
  • Exchange with Purdon Planning re a proposed Development Application for an industrial site next to Hume Horse Paddocks.
  • Enquiries to ACT Vet, Animal Welfare and ACT Veterinary Board about issue of NSW vets practising in the ACT
  • Reps to Minister Fitzharris and Member Bec Cody re their press releases about the Weston Creek Dog Park
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