ACTEA President’s October 2017 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


-Meeting with Leasing Services about amending Equestrian Park licence boundary to reflect changed fence line on the Cotter Road.
-Meeting with consultants to discuss Basin Water projects at Yarralumla Creek, Fadden Pines and Dixon Drive

Site Visits

-On site meeting to discuss Woolshed Lease expansion with Sport & Recreation Services, Property Group and Leasing Services
-Meeting Parks and Conservation staff at cavaletti into Urambi Hills from Kambah Pool Rd to agree to its alterations for safer horse use


-Submission to the Inquiry into the Lower Cotter Catchment Management Plan 2017
-Submission to ACT Government Budget process 2018-2017
Comment on Taylor Stage 2 Development Application

-Query to Asset Acceptance about marking of street trees on Ellenborough Street near Kaleen Paddocks
-Communications with ACT Forests re works in the Zoo Pines to provide safe equestrian routes
-Discussions with Parks & Conservation about balloons over flying horse paddocks
-On-going discussions with Huon re Equestrian Park underpass
-Representations to Suburban Land Agency re access through Holdens Creek for Scenic City Endurance Ride

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