ACTEA President’s October 2019 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with ACT Forests re possible entrances to Kowan Forrest trails for equestrians


  • Participation in Safety in Design seminar in relation to Heysen Street Cycle Path
  • Representations to City Presentation, Parks & Conservation, Sport & Recreation Services and Canberra Off Road Cyclists about dangerous competitive event held on the Bicentennial National Park on 28 September
  • Final report on remediation of underpass to Gilmore Paddocks under Isabella Drive
  • Conversations with Riverview & Parks re move of Parkwood Road cavaletti
  • On going interactions with TCCS IT & mapping re new equestrian trails map.
  • Cavaletti specifications sent to ACT Forests for Kowan
  • Discussions with Parks & Conservation and the Rural Fire Service re relocation of horses in a bushfire
  • Email to Venues ACT re Equestrian Park re Woolshed hirers


  • Short submission in regard to keeping Unwin Street horse trail open during redevelopment of old police college on Streeton Drive


  • Participation with Rural Fire Service and Canberra Equine Hospital in bush fire readiness evening organised by Horseland @ Fyshwick
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