At Last – An Electronic Equestrian Map of Canberra

For many years ACTEA has wrestled with the desire to create a map of equestrian trails in the ACT. In the beginning the limiting factor was the inability to update paper-based maps in any sort of useful time frame. The development of electronic mapping capacity within government agencies has given this project a big boost and over the last 4 years ACTEA has been working with Roads ACT and ,more recently,City Services to create an interactive map, similar to those created for cyclists.

The Equestrian Trails Map includes some general information about horse riding in the ACT plus signed routes, including those trails within Canberra Nature Park, local routes and the Bicentennial National Trail. The map also includes government horse holding paddocks. The map has other uses as a way to educate government agencies, contractors and consultants about where horse riding occurs in the Territory.

At the moment we don’t have the capacity to indicate temporary trail interruptions but we are working on that. In the meantime such closures will continue to be advertised in the usual way, on the website and through the ACTEA Affiliates mailing list.

The map has been created by using 50 years of accumulated ACTEA knowledge, picking the brains of experienced local riders, including the ACT Endurance Riders Association, and using ACT Parks & Conservation maps.

For the present the map can be found on the City Services website ( by following the links to Pets and Wildlife → Domestic Animals → Horses (

ACTEA is hopeful this map will encourage people to get out and about on their horses – we need to be seen to be believed. If you would like to ride out but need company there are several groups that exist to do just that:

  • Casual Trail Riders Queanbeyan and Surrounds Facebook
  • Monaro Horse Trekkers Inc (
  • Tinderry Trail Horse Riders (

While Monaro and Tinderry club rides are members only, you can sign up for a day membership to try. If there are other unofficial riding groups ACTEA will consider adding them to this list.

We invite everyone who rides a horse in the ACT to have a look at the map and give us feedback at We are interested to hear how easy you find the map to navigate, if the information provided is useful or otherwise, if you have found errors or confusions and how it operates on your mobile device.

Christine Lawrence


ACT Equestrian Association

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