Canberra Nature Park Draft Reserve Management Plan

The Listening Report from the consultations on the Draft Reserve Management Plan is now available to read at


The Canberra Nature Park Draft Reserve Management Plan is available to read on the Your Say website @ It is a further development of the original consultation document prepared in 2016 and on which ACTEA commented in some detail.

It had been indicated to ACTEA that Parks was considering allowing some additional access to the Reserve system so it was somewhat of a shock to read some of the language in the new Draft which was decidedly biased against horses. It also included, as Appendix 5, a 20 year old document banning endurance riding and imposing a Code of Conduct on horse riders that ACTEA had thought was long dead.

Fortunately, through extensive lobbying by ACTEA and the ACT Endurance Riders Association and active equestrian engagement in the community consultation process most of the offending passages in the new draft will change, the language will be more balanced and we have been told Appendix 5 will disappear altogether.

You can read the ACTEA Submission in regard to the Reserve Management Plan here.

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