Cavaletti on BNT at Parkwood Road

The inexorable development of the Riverview estate in West Belconnen has resulted in a new diversion of the Bicentennial National Trail. Instead of turning left when you cross Parkwood Road from the Belconnen Pony Club you will now turn right. Transgrid have agreed to the BNT travelling through their easement, further from the traffic and Parks & Conservation have moved the existing cavaletti to the other side of the Transgrid Driveway. They have trimmed the overhanging branches visible in the photograph. The BNT is now a fenced route from the cavaletti to Strathnairn – and an invitation to a canter! There is one intersection on this route south of the Transgrid facility to allow Huon trucks to get to their site compound. The sight lines are very good for horses and riders. This route should be stable for a couple of years.

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