Coombs Parkrun Update

There have been some changes in regard to the Parkrun event at North Weston Ponds; not all of them good.

For a start, due to the closure of the old management track by the Suburban Land Agency (see, the Parkrun route has had to be moved and now appears to include more of the BNT than before. It has taken ACTEA months to convince the Permit Officer, who wants it to be anywhere but where it is, of the actual BNT route.

This map shows the current conditions for the Parkrun which include positioning orange cones in places which will do no good to horses riders but probably irritate their horses. At least runners are required to give way to horses at the concrete bridge between the ponds. Under the current arrangement the race runs counter clockwise. Fortunately there are good sight lines at the Ponds so anyone on a horse will have no trouble identifying a bunch of runners.

Just a reminder – the Parkrun at the Ponds starts at 8am every Saturday morning with around 90 participants. The run is against the clock and the fastest (and the least likely to give way to a horse) finish in 20 minutes. The average running time is 30 mins. The tail-enders are people pushing prams and take longer. Quite a few people are accompanied by dogs on leashes. It should all be over by 9am.

Please report any issues to ACTEA at

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