Legislative Assembly Inquiry into Delivery Drones

Recreational drones have been a problem for equestrians for some time and since 2017 ACTEA has been engaging with every conceivable government authority in a fruitless attempt to find someone who will take responsibility for them. The advent of noisy big delivery drones has in some ways been a blessing in disguise because they have caused an outcry across the Canberra community.

ACTEA has been engaging with Project Wing since it moved to Bonython providing them with maps of government horse paddocks and equestrian trails and as a consequence there seems to have been no interaction with the horse riding community. Wing contacted ACTEA before their move to Mitchell to talk about paddocks and trails in that area. The real issues will arise when Wing stops experimenting and want to deliver to everyone in Canberra from multiple bases and are joined by competing companies. This will happen in an environment in which the ACT Government admits it has no control!

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