Trails at Isaacs Ridge

The new downhill cycle tracks at Isaacs Ridge are now open. The government wisely decided not to have an official opening ceremony. While the ACT Equestrian Association has maintained its position that the intersection of the downhill tracks and equestrian trails is dangerous and irresponsible, the land managers, the ACT Parks and Conservation Service, have responded to ACTEA’s urging that they mitigate the risk to horse riders by

  • Creating two bypass/detour trails in the south from Long Gully Road – one to the top of the ridge under the power line and the other directly to the Yamba Drive underpass avoiding all the firetrails.
  • Approving a new bypass route in the north east behind the Mugga agistment paddocks to create a loop ride
  • Installing warning signage before trail crossings
  • Indicating that bikes and pedestrians have to give way to horses riders.
  •  Engineering the downhill trails to slow cyclists as they approach intersections with firetrails.
  • Removing or elevating pine trees to improve line of sight and installing benching to enable cyclists to stop and wait for pedestrians and equestrians to pass.
  • Posting a trail etiquette for cyclists.

Be aware however that the signage also includes the warning that sporting activity at Isaacs Pines Park may be dangerous and may result in injury, death and or property loss or damage!

ACTEA has been provided with a map showing marked equestrian trails which has been distributed to agistees at local government horse paddocks.

ACTEA is anxious to receive reports from anyone riding in the Pines, good or bad, about how this new arrangement is working. Please send any comments to

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