Zoo pines – Update

ACT Forests have all but completed their work on making the Zoo Pines horse friendly. 

Marty Bennet has been out there with his bobcat making the bike track crossings slower and safer. He has cleared low branches from pine trees at intersections to make sure both cyclists and horse riders have a clear line of sight. There are now no cycle tracks leading directly onto the firetrail along the River.

Marty has cut a new, wide, shady bridle trail inside the pine trees closest to the Zoo fence. It is windy and very pleasant and will take you from the River to the Zoo underpass with one fire trail crossing. Get out there and ride it.

The horse signs are yet to go in but you can access the bridle trail now by turning right off the River crossing and following the fire trail towards the zoo about 80m until you see a small Floodway sign on the right hand side of the track. The entrance to the bridle trail will be obvious in the embankment a little further on the left.

If you see Marty up his ladder with the loppers make sure you say thank you!

The horse signs will go in on the trails in the next couple of weeks but there are already signs at the underpass.

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