ACTEA President’s August 2015 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with Stromlo Management about plans for a marked running trail through Stromlo
  • Attendance at Equestrian Forum with TAMS and other agencies to discuss a range of equestrian issues
  • Attendance at Bicycle Advisory Group to talk about equestrian safety on shared use paths an din underpasses

Field Trips

  • Field trip to look at safety issues on the Centenary Trail north of the Long Gully Road underpass


  • Field trip with consultations to look at equestrian trails and issues at Isaacs Ridge.


  • Attendance at Water Quality Project public information forum to talk about impacts of Lower Molonglo plans on the equestrian community
  • Attendance at Isaacs Ridge public information forum to talk about plans for downhill cyling tracks at Isaacs Ridge
  • Representing ACTEA at Ministerial opening of the new horse yard T the Arboretum
  • Letter to the ACT Water Regulator regarding issues at EP associated with the Cotter Plots dam
  • Completed 2015 Sport and Recreation Services Industry Survey


  • Interview with Radio 666 about the new horse yards aat the Arboretum


  • Formal Submissions to Water Quality Project about impacts of Yarralumla Creek, Lower Molonglo & Belconnen projects on equestrian access and infrastructure
  • Submission to TAMS in regard to the draft ACT Biosecurity Strategy


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