ACTEA President’s August 2017 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with Active Travel Office to discuss equestrian trails in public open space
  • Meeting re process for including equestrian trails on ACTMapi and Active Travel Infrastructure Tool

Site Visits

  • Meeting with Parks & Conservation and the Suburban Land Authority at Clos Bridge to discuss Reserve fencing and equestrian trail from North Weston Ponds
  • Site visit to discuss impact of development opposite southern Kaleen Horses Paddocks
  • Meeting with RoadsACT to discuss alignment of new Cotter Plots boundary fence
  • Meeting with Venues ACT to discuss various trail issues in Stromlo Forest Park
  • On site meeting with Venues ACT and Suburban Land Authority about the BNT link between the Molonglo River corridor and Stromlo Forest Park
  • Discussions with Roads ACT about potential protection mechanisms for the Torrey Pines in the Cotter Plots
  • Inspection with Black Mountain Assurance of Cotter Road crossing arrangements for equestrians


  • Further discussions with ACT Forests about design and signage for cycle tracks in the Zoo Pines
  • Exchanges with Arboretum about safety of new Cork Oaks cavaletti
  • Representations to ACT government re the impact of development opposite southern Kaleen Horses Paddocks
  • Representations to Rural Services and Parks and Conservation Service with suggestions to make cavaletti into Urambi Hills from Kambah Pool Road more horse-friendly
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