ACTEA President’s June 2020 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with TCCS and Gininderry reps re the timing and options for replacement of the Parkwood Paddocks

Field Trip

  • Meeting at Equestrian Park to look at pruning of pine trees we have been trying to get done by the government for 2 years.

  • Meeting at Arawang Horse Yards to look at proposed route of 2020 Terra in the Berra


  • Requests to Parks South to do something to slow MTBs on the downhill run from Cooleman Ridge into Arawang horse yards

  • Request to NCA for anonymity for North Curtin agistees who might wany to object to the resumption of their paddocks.

  • Discussions with City Services permit Section about most recent Terra in the Berra event application

  • Discussions with Rocky Trail Entertainment about their proposed 2020 Terra in the Berra event

  • Discussions with University running club re an event on the BNT in October

  • Discussion with MTB Orienteering Club about an event in the Zoo Pines in September


  • Submission re proposed changes to the National Capital Plan to reclassify the Curtin Horse Paddocks as a Diplomatic Estate

  • Application for Annual Operational Funding Grant from Sport & Recreation Services


  • A link to the new equestrian map has been placed on the Parks & Conservation website thank to the map maker

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