Heysen Street Closure

Construction of the new cycle path down the southern verge of Heysen St from Streeton Drive to Devonport St through the Oakey Hill Reserve south of Illoura Horse Paddocks will commence on Monday 17 August.

If you have any questions in relation to the works you can contact Madison Williams on 0429 322 360 or email madison.williams@complexco.com.au

The path will go through the Reserve rather than around the corner on the existing verge so as not to interfere with horses crossing from Illoura Horse Paddocks on the northern side of Heysen Street.

  1. Heysen St will be closed for up to eight weeks starting 17 August 2020. Works will start near the roundabout west of the Tuggeranong Parkway underpass. During this time the roadway to the west of the Illoura driveway will be closed to all but construction traffic. Vehicle access to Illoura will only be via Devonport St. Heavy construction vehicles can be expected in Heysen and Devonport St.

  2. Part of the new bike path will be a section across the bottom corner of Oakey Hill to the Devonport Street gate. Equestrian and pedestrian access into and through Oakey Hill Reserve will continue to follow the existing equestrian track via the cavaletti on Heysen Street. There will also be a new cavaletti through a fence line constructed near the Devonport Street entrance to the Reserve. This new cavaletti will have a safe space for horses to exit before crossing the cycle path.

  3. During construction horses and pedestrians will be able to cross from Illoura via signed temporary trails, but riders should be aware that construction machinery and traffic may be expected. There will be warning signage posted at either end of the Oakey Hill horse trail. There will be no works undertaken on Sundays and generally not on Saturdays unless we are advised.

  4. During works, if the existing trail is interrupted, contractors will create an alternative entry through the fence line on the Lyons side of the substation. Riders and drivers should exercise care in this area and be aware that construction machinery will be working in the area until November.

  5. Once completed the Oakey Hill cycle path will have moderate grades and will include signage and lighting.

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