ACTEA President’s May/June 2017 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates.


  • Meeting with P@CS re equestrian access to Lower Cotter Catchment
  • Meeting to discuss issues relating to dangerous dogs with ACT Animal Control
  • Meetings with Forestry and P@CS re conflict between BNT and MTBs at Zoo Pines
  • Meeting to discuss draft concept plan for new walking and cycling trails at the Arboretum and conflict with BNT
  • Meeting to discuss new sewer infrastructure Equestrian Park
  • Meetings with Forestry manager and Parks & Conservation to discuss proliferation of mountain bikes tracks in pines below the Zoo
  • Attendance at Recreation Users Group Meeting

Site Visits

  • Site visits to discuss bike tracks in the Zoo Pines and agree on remediation actions
  • On-site meetings at Arboretum to discuss impact of new trail on BNT cavaletti access and discuss solutions


  • Exchange with Active Canberra re water reticulation upgrade at Equestrian Park
  • Query to LDA re route of water connection through The Pinnacles Nature Reserve to the new suburb of Whitlam
  • Submission in regard to Draft Animal Welfare Strategy
  • Representations to Huon Construction and Black Mountain Assurance re signalised crossing of Cotter Road to Equestrian Park
  • Attendance at Government 2017 Budget briefing
  • Participation in Sport & Recreation Services consultation re healthy sporting sponsorship
  • Representations to Parks & Conservation on behalf of Rose Cottage agistees re cyclists on the Centenary Trail through the horse paddocks
  • Input to Calibre consulting re horse sign on the corner of Old Wells Station Road and the Federal Highway.
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