ACTEA President’s November 2023 Report

This is where the ACTEA Committee reports on activities its members have undertaken on behalf of Affiliates. 


  • Meeting with Ginninderry about proposed utility works on Parkwood Road near the Pony Club and rerouting of a riding trail

Field Trips

  • On site meeting with TCCS at Hindmarsh Drive to discuss plans for equestrian arrangements while the bus layover is being upgraded. 


  • Protest to SFP for using the Western Carpark as part of a weekend cycling event
  • Reps to parks r repair to cavaletti on Cotter Road
  • Discussion with TCCS about updating equestrian route from Belconnen Pony Club to Strathnairn and the new BNT route through Stromlo Forest Park
  • Attended Curtin Residents Association Meeting to represent Illoura agistees irt attempt top create a reserve in the paddock system
  • Message to ACT Forests about yet more issues with Hibernian Road gate at Kowan Forest
  • Several efforts to get the SLA to discuss trail plans around Taylor


  • Submission to review of Namadgi Reserve Management Plan relating to BNT route and BNT camp site


  • Supply of photos of volunteers to Sport & Recreation for their Awards event
  • Distribution of the new horses and bushfires video produced by PCS and the RFS for horse owners and agistment managers.

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