BNT Route Through the Arboretum

Since May 2017 ACTEA and the Bicentennial National Trail Section Coordinator have been in discussions with the Arboretum about the impact of their Tracks and Trails Strategy on the route of the BNT through their estate. After several iterations of design and a few meetings and field trips we now have an agreed updated route which, after all the excitement, is not much different to the old one, but which in the view of the Jenny Costin, the BNT representative, is actually an improvement in parts and certainly keeps horses and cyclists apart as much as possible.

As part of the Arboretum’s Tracks & Trails Project the old, weathered, wooden BNT sign posts are going to be replaced with nice shiny new metal orange ones to be consistent with the signage at Stromlo Forest Park. These signs will be very necessary because parts of the revised BNT will now actually travel through some forests; something we were told horses could not do on pain of excommunication. We do not have a date for installation of the new sign posts so keep your eyes open when you are travelling through the Arboretum to make sure you are riding from BNT sign to BNT sign whether its grey or orange. At some point the signage at the entrances will also be updated.

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