Heysen Street Bike Path – Update

Today ACTEA had a call from the Heysen Street Path TCCS project officer to say that the Minister has directed them to look at the options for taking the bike path through the corner of Oakey Hill Reserve. This appears to be more a response to Pedal Powers letter agreeing with ACTEA’s position than anything ACTEA had to say. Apparently they told Pedal Power about the decision a month ago but no one thought equestrians needed to know. The engineering consultants are now deciding on an alignment and undertaking an environmental survey with a view to convincing P@CS that they should allow the construction of the path on their land. This is only hurdle one but its a start. ACTEA was thanked for its persistence!

The ACT Government plans for a cycling connection between Woden and Weston Creek via Davenport and Heysen Street in Lyons is turning into a bit of a nightmare. The entrance to Illoura Horse Paddocks is at the intersection of Davenport and Heysen Streets. The current plan is for a two way shared path on the southern verge of Heysen Street. This will mean cyclists coming down a steep hill at speed. The cavaletti into Oakey Hill is on the southern side of Heysen Street west of the electricity substation. ACTEA has attended 3 site meetings and another off site to discuss possible options for both the cycle path and the equestrian trail in this area. ACTEA has made it clear at each meeting and in follow up written submissions that the current proposal is dangerous. It has even got to the stage that Pedal Power is convinced and have written to the Chris Steel, Minister for Roads, as has ACTEA. In 2 months we have had no response.

If local riders wish to write to the Minister, Chris Steel, and express their concern about the design of the cycle path in front of the Illoura Paddocks entrance, you can send an email to steel@act.gov.au. Explain why having to cross a busy road with a cyclist bearing down on your horses from up the hill, at speed, is recipe for an accident which could impact on a horse, a rider or a driver or all of these and that as there is an alternative route possible through the corner of Oakey Reservoir you ask him to take the responsible course of action. You need to write soon as work is expected to start on other parts of the Heysen and Davenport cycle path in mid-September.

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