Commuter Cycle Path on Heysen Street Lyons

The ACT Government has made money available this financial year for a feasibility and design study for a cycling connection between Woden and Weston Creek via Davenport and Heysen Street in Lyons. The entrance to Illoura Horse Paddocks is at the intersection of Davenport and Heysen Streets. The equestrian link between Illoura Paddocks and the equestrian crossing on Streeton Drive travels in part along the northern verge of Heysen Street to the cavaletti just past the Tuggeranong Parkway. The cavaletti into Oakey Hill is on the southern side of Heysen Street west of the electricity substation. There has been an onsite meeting to look at possible options for both the cycle path and the equestrian trail where ACTEA representatives made the case for keeping the equestrian trail on the northern verge separate from a cycle path on the southern verge and creating a safe equestrian crossing to Oakey Hill. Transport and City Services expects to come back for a further round of consultation at the end of March.

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