Yarralumla Woolshed included in Woden Heritage Walk

On 5 March the Yarralumla Woolshed was officially included on an existing Woden Heritage Track by Minister Mick Gentleman. Neither ACTEA or the Equestrian Park Management Group were advised or consulted about this move. They found out when signs were installed at the Woolshed the week before the official launch. There are now 3 signs around the Woolshed outlining its history including the creation of Equestrian Park. You can see all the sites included on the Woden Track at https://www.canberratracks.act.gov.au/heritage-trails/track-7-woden-heritage-track.

While everyone loves the Woolshed there are concerns about encouraging lots of random visitors who have nothing to do with Equestrian Park using the Woolshed Road. There has already been a significant increase in break in and theft as the hiring out of the Woolshed has become a priority for the ACT Property Group.

After protests from ACTEA, ACT Heritage has added the following text to their page on the Woolshed:

The access road is shared with a busy public equestrian facility. There could be horses on the road at any time and the sign posted speed limit in 20km. Visitors should be mindful that horses could be on the cross country course at any time and to stay well away from jumps. The Park is a dog-on-leash area for everyone at all times. The front gate must be kept closed at all times with no exception.

As the failure of members of the public to shut the front gate is a major and ongoing issue for EPMG, all users of the Park are encouraged to shut the front gate if they find it open and to report the fact to the Park Manager (at Eqparkbookings@gmail.com or the EP Facebook page) so the case can be built for the installation of an automatic gate.

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