New Equestrian Trail at Stromlo Forest Park

Some people might remember that there has been a long term plan to connect Stromlo Forest Park to the Molonglo River corridor as part of the Bicentennial National Trail. Another part of this, as yet incomplete, jigsaw puzzle has finally fallen in to place with a decision by SFP management to create an equestrian trail which connects the existing trails on the eastern face of the mountain to the John Gorton Drive underpass on Holdens Creek. This new trail uses an existing fire trail on the western side of the entrance road, a marked crossing of the entrance road and a marked route through the treed country north of the running track to a large dam where it is proposed to install a tie rail and a picnic table. There is a map on the ACTEA website (

The connection into the underpass still needs work and the security fence around North Wright has to be moved back from the Holdens Ponds but certainly by the end of 2019 it will be possible to ride down to the Molonglo River Corridor from the Cotter Road.

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