Curtin Horse Paddock Decision

On 19 October 2020, the Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories, the Hon Nola Marino MP, approved National Capital Plan Amendment 95 – National Arboretum Commercial Accommodation. Amendment 95 took effect on 28 October 2020, following registration on the Federal Register of Legislation.

Amendment 95 to the National Capital Plan (the Plan) changed the land use policy of Block 4 Section 106 and part Block 5 Section 121 Curtin to facilitate the development of a new diplomatic estate, and to create a new urban area adjacent to Yarra Glen.

The approved amendment and the Consultation Report are available on the NCA’s website here. The Consultation Report details the issues raised during the public consultation period, the NCA’s response to these issues, and the changes that have been made in response to community feedback.

It is expected that some survey and information gathering work will begin at Curtin Paddocks before the end of this year.

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