EPIC Receiving Horses

EPIC is offering free stabling to those who feel they need to move their horses due to the fire. EPIC has asked that we clarify that as there is currently no threat to property and no evacuations have been ordered for residents, horses or other animals EPIC has not been officially declared a horse evacuation area.

EPIC has posted its conditions for use of the centre on its website and Facebook page but basically you have to take everything with you as there is nothing at EPIC except an empty stable and water. Horses cannot be left unattended. Accommodation offered is intended as emergency short term. If you want a lengthy stay you will have to pay regular stable rates.

Please implement your fire plan and don’t panic. There is information about monitoring fires and ESA alerts on the ACTEA website at  http://www.actea.asn.au/will-your-horse-stay-or-go

If the ESA feels horses should be evacuated in the eventuality that this fire does cross the ‘bidgee there will be a formal notice which can read at http://esa.act.gov.au

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