Forests Recreation Plan

As a direct result of the Zoo Pines confrontation and the increase in illegal bike tracks in the ACT pine forests Forestry ACT has acquired the services of an ACT Parks ranger with experience in recreational planning and community engagement, Jasmine Foxlea, to develop a recreation management plan for the ACT Pine Forests. Jasmine has started work and will be consulting with the huge range of recreation groups who have historically used the local pine forests.

Hopefully the end result will lead to recognition of existing equestrian access and the development of some behaviour protocols for shared spaces.

Forestry ACT is still waiting for images of horses being ridden in ACT pine forests. If we want them to include horses in their publicity and presentations we need to provide them with material. Make it a project as your contribution to the ongoing battle to keep our forests horse friendly.

Pictures need to be focused. Riders need to be wearing helmets. Mounted would be better than just standing around looking picturesque. Please send any pics to with permission to use them from any people in the picture. You can also identify the photographer if you want. We will pass them on to Forests.

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